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PVK students and teachers analyze news and advertising:
Our Voice Threads:
1. Analyzing Advertising
2. Got Milk
3. MJ Pepsi ad
4. Kellogg's Kids
5. Gary Papa's Death
6. Cold Case News
7. MBA Student Killed
8. Students Sentenced in Murder Case
9. Firefighter Rap News
10. Katie Couric on Phila Violence
11. Tigerman on Bullying

Resources for K-2 Learners

Postcards from Buster, Postcards from You
Children can make one-minute videos about family, pets, hobbies, neighborhood -- may be used on the Postcards from Buster website.

Dot's Story Factory
Write and illustrate a story with Dot for publication on the PBS Kids website

Make simple music beats with this free online drum kit

Online Media Composition Tools
Flip Camera - an easy to use basic video camera that students use to compose with video
WikiSpaces[[ | -]] Everyone will be using the WikiSpace and will become proficient in how it works. Students use Wikispaces for external communication with our students (and with each other). It will house lesson plans, resources for students, and student work.
Glogster: Do you like to redesign your MySpace or Facebook profile? With this tool, users create online posters with graphics, photos, videos, music, and text into "Glogs." Glogs can be shared with others and shared on other sites. Flickr: photo sharing software
Tux Paint- open-source drawing tool for ages 3 - 12
Blabberize - Are you a jib-jab fan? This tool lets you upload a photo of person or animal, record dialogue, and make the mouth move to the sound of the dialogue. Great for all ages. Ever see an alpaca talk?
Voicethread - Allows multiple users to upload photo, video, or any type of media and have "conversations" about it. Users can type in comments, record voice, or even doodle in response to text, video, or sound. Great way for students to analyze any media text. See an example of an alcohol ad deconstruction.Comic Life: Love a good comic book or comic strip? An advanced comic creation software where students can use comics and/or images.
Stop Motion Pro: Are you a Gumby or Wallace and Gromit fan? This tool will allow you to record still images in a way that creates a video, like claymation.
Xtranormal Animation program
MixBook Create beautiful photobooks online.