Check here for some of the work featuring the PVK kids and teachers!

Members of the Gold Team who did independent research on the nutritional information of so-called "energy drink" Red Bull win a trip to the corner store, where they can buy a food or drink of their choice, provided they read the nutritional information first and choose to look up any information they don't already know.

Members of the Gold Team do some debating about the merits or deficiencies of Bootleg Cola.

A Purple Team member describes her favorite superhero, Air Bender.

In a single afternoon, the Gold Team created one-minute video postcards on the environmental topics they are exploring this summer.

Powerful Voices for Kids program offers children the opportunity to develop their knowledge of mass media, popular culture and digital technologies. The Green team is exploring the vocabulary of television genres, which leads to a discussion about TV and movie ratings, and the question of whether it is (or is not) appropriate to bring a baby into a movie theater.

More projects by our Powerful Kids & Teachers

Teachers and students discuss media coverage of the death of reporter Gary Papa using VoiceThread, an online annotation tool.

The Gold Team reflects on their first interviewing experiences over a game of Silent Ball.

Members of the Red and Purple Teams visit Sprout Studio.