external image clip_image001.png Ms. Aggie’s Silver Team!!!
(Room 314, Grade Level 5)
Ideas for the Summer

Adaptation from book to graphic novel – Life and Times of William and Ellen Craft book and graphic novel. What are the differences?
· Then, the students conduct interviews with family members and summarize the interviews as written stories. Then, they visually depict those stories in a few images. (helps also to teach how to conduct a good interview)

Representation – of self, of others.
· “I Am” poems for wikispace to learn how to compose shots and how to represent oneself.
· Include gender discussion – how are male characters your age often depicted on TV? How are female characters depicted? What is missing?
· Maybe use The 99 here as means of re-representing Islamic peoples – maybe compare to Aladdin representation
· Collage your composition book journal to represent yourself and your interests. Then, create a gloggster collage and talk about how those two different forms differ.

Create PSA’s about a topic we’re interested in, or maybe a news broadcast we film on the Flip. Could also create a newsletter – idea is to talk about how the news is created and what audience it serves and how it selects its stories.

Create music videos to a favorite song? – to teach them about entertainment media

Maybe invite spoken word poets into classroom to teach the students to tell their own stories through poetry