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In a tea cafe on the way to the Caspian Sea!
Aggie Ebrahimi is currently a graduate student in Film and Media Arts at Temple University because she believes wholeheartedly in media's immense ability to our perceptions of one another; Aggie thus wants to create media messages that represent our worlds in more compassionate, more complex, and more knowledgeable ways. Specifically Aggie is currently working on a documentary film (We Are Iran) about cultural transmission and identity formation among Iranian American youth. She earned a Master's in Literature from The University of Georgia in 2007, specializing in Women's Studies and Multicultural Literature, where she had the tremendous opportunity to work as part of the Civil Rights Digital Library Initiative's "Freedom on Film" website , a project devoted to re-presenting the stories of the Civil Rights Movement in more comprehensive and more thorough ways.

Aggie would love to hear from you with ideas or questions. Please feel free to contact her at

Here is a brief training on the Flip camera by an awesome student: